Property Styling

Hi, I'm Clare and I've been interior & photographic styling for over 30 years, and here are some of my hints & tips to get you started on your journey to achieve your home styling goals.

What is home styling?

So firstly what is 'Home Styling'?

And how can you achieve your dream home, or style your property to sell it, without breaking the bank?


Well let's start right at the beginning...

As you'll see from our website we break 'Home Styling' down into 3 categories:

Styling for Show Homes

Styling for Open Days

Private Home Styling Services

What's the difference between home styling and home staging?

The industry, in its usual infinite wisdom, has now decided this is called Home Staging, not a term we particularly like and so we're sticking with home styling, or property dressing, as we like our own style!

These days you can find some of the best interiors inspiration online through Blogs and articles, but as much as it's a fantastic resource the web can also be a labyrinth unless you know where to begin.

So what are you trying to achieve?

Whether it's to spruce up a room, give your home a style overhaul, or get your property ready to sell - whatever your reason, the budget and timescale will be determined by the why.

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