Biscuit House Photographic Styling

Clare's photographic styling experience and capabilities range from global destination sourcing to range development and lifestyle setting design.

What is Photographic Styling? 

Photographic Styling is as much a part of our daily lives as TV & radio. Every catalogue, every TV advert, every poster, every cookbook.....I could go on & on.

All of these things are photographed using specially designed sets, or carefully selected location properties or studios, usually both, and by highly trained stylists, and their team of photographers, lighting & colour scheme crews, and props buyers.

These specialist teams create the right 'look, feel & mood' for the shoot through meticulous planning and teamwork, a process which can take days, weeks or even months before the shoot itself takes place.

A picture paints a thousand words!

As a photographic stylist, you have to work closely with photographers to create the right ‘look’ and mood for a photo shoot. This means sourcing props, planning and dressing the set, creating the dream.....

In today's world of complex advertising room sets, clothing, products.......they don't sell themselves, they need to be 'prettied up'!

Sets need to be meticulously built and styled; if a model shoot, dressing your models, tweaking the clothing, sometimes in the most intimate of places!

Food needs to be placed, often moved using tweezers, steam used to create a seductive drizzle of sauce on a pudding, or chocolate shot outside in 40 degrees! 

An eye for detail.....

A stylist has to have an eye for detail, watching the trends constantly.

Attention to detail in everything, from crumbs placed on a food set to shoes looking like they've just been thrown off in a room set, but actually have been perfectly placed.

A shoot starts with a brief, it moves through the brainstorming & mood-board process, once signed off by the client we then source & book locations and props, and of course the shoot team are carefully selected.....and when the day, or days, arrive the stylist gets to work!


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