Clare Southcombe-Holmes Photographic Stylist

Freelance Photographic Stylist, Interior Design Consultant and owner of our new lifestyle Interior shop opening later this year. No.64. Renovation project of the property is underway. 

It's in my blood

I've been styling, be it properties or products & people, for over 30 years. I'm creative, it's in my blood, and I've been fortunate enough to work with many household names & brands, and I've travelled the world doing so.

I've also designed, planned & styled exhibition stands for clients, as well as styling seasonal catalogues.....and shooting for Christmas during summer can present some fairly challenging situations!

What's my style? 

I often get asked if I have a specific style, a signature style, particularly with property & interior styling.

It's a tricky question to answer without ending up labelled and so I'd describe what I do as mixing gentle, subtle tones with an elegant french contemporary style.

I then add personal items to each room which creates warmth, with a personal touch.

A client, sat working in a house I was dressing, once commented that “the house breathes a gentle happy sigh when I style it” it made my day!

There's no "I" in "Team"!

Multi-product shoots, such as catalogues, can take many weeks or months to plan. Locations can often be abroad which requires careful shipping of product & props planning, as well as careful calculation planning to bring together location hire timescale vs. number of shots per day, to maximise time and budget.

One shoot in South Africa springs to mind. We were winding down after a solid two weeks of shooting when suddenly we realised we'd forgotten to shoot a barbeque, panic was closely followed by a well oiled team puling together and getting the shot before we flew home that night!

"On completion of my education, way back in the late 80's now, I went to work for my father's company, CHS Creative in Christchurch, Dorset.

I went from the artwork department to the photographic department where I began my training as a stylist. By the time I was 21 I was designing, planning and styling room sets for companies worldwide, I worked my way up to Head of Styling.

I've worked on pretty much every topic and style in the photographic industry.

I head up and style shoots for the company, from model shoots, to food styling, location shoots in properties around the country and shoots on the other side of the world.

This is my passion, I was born to style.

Also qualified in Interior Design, I've transformed many properties over the years, featuring in home Magazines and used for film and photo shoots. My latest property being used as front cover for Beautiful Kitchens Magazine.

My secret passion for sculpture, where I started at the beginning, is unfortunately something I don't get the time to work with as much as I would like. Watch this space!"

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