The Biscuit House

Photographic Styling by Clare Southcombe-Holmes is probably one of the most experienced freelance photographic stylists specialising in homeware accessories and home lifestyle scenes.

When it comes to photographing your products styling plays a critical role

People have become highly sophisticated in the way they want to view lifestyle products.

Whether you're a photographer, a manufacturerer, or retail brand wanting to get the best from your product photography I can help you.

With years of experience I can help you quickly develop a mood & theme right the way through to on-set styling enabling your products to be set in the perfect lifestyle scenario.

Professional styling maximises your opportunity to enhance your product 

It's not just the location and your product itself either, you need other props to enhance your product/the shot, as well as the perfect lighting, colour mix of the set as well as shape & size, all of which contribute to enhancing your products, and your brand, fully.

Working directly with photographers and retail brands

If you want to find out more about the work & experience of Clare Southcombe-Homes Photographic Styling Services then fill in the enquiry form and I'll get right back to you.


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