Property Styling or Photographic Styling?

Hi, I'm Clare and I've been interior & photographic styling for over 30 years, and here I'll explain what each of these two disciplines are.

What is Property Styling?

Property Styling, also known as Home Styling or Home Staging, involves engaging the expertise of an experienced stylist to assist you with, or to style for you, your home, office or a specific space.

In order to offer this service to our clients we've broken Property Styling down into 3 categories, as follows:

The budget and timescale for a property styling project will always be determined by the 'what & why'. Obviously a lot more work will go into designing & styling a show home than it will to spruce up a single room in your home.

You can find some of the best interiors inspiration online through Blogs and articles, but as much as it's a fantastic resource the web can also be a labyrinth unless you know where to begin. I'm here to help and advise you to set you off on the right path.

What is Photographic Styling?

Photographic Styling is one of those professions that has a mystery surrounding it, many people are either unsure of what it is, or don't realise it's a required entity.

We, as consumers, have become highly sophisticated in the way we want to view lifestyle products, and brands have become more and more hungry to ensure they are getting the best from the products through photography, and video of course.

When it comes to photographing your products styling plays a critical role

Every brand image we see, be it on a brochure, a magazine, a website image, or even the background scenery in a video has been styled, in exactly the same way that all actors have been 'made up' by a makeup artist. And this is where the services of a stylist come in.

Professional styling maximises your opportunity to enhance your product

A stylist sets the mood and the theme to ensure the perfect shot is obtained and of course is highly dependent on the experience of the stylist.

It's not just the location and your product itself either, you need other props to enhance your product/the shot, as well as the perfect lighting, colour mix of the set, as well as shape & size, all of which contribute to enhancing your products, and your brand, fully.

Working directly with photographers and retail brands

If you want to find out more about the work & experience of Clare Southcombe-Homes Photographic Styling Services then fill in the enquiry form and I'll get right back to you.


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