Yetti Sheepskin Rug, made from long-haired Australian or New Zealand pelts, presented in Pewter. From Owen Barry

Yetti Sheepskin Rug, made from long-haired Australian or New Zealand pelts, presented in Pewter. From Owen Barry
Yetti Sheepskin, Rug, Long-Haired, Pewter (55x95cm)

Single Yetti sheepskin rugs are guaranteed to bring texture and individuality into your home,  these striking rugs will ensure that your interior décor makes an undeniable statement that is bang on trend. 

Material: Yetti Sheepskin

Colour: Pewter

Size: 55x95cm

Brand: Owen Barry

What is the difference between a Yetti Sheepskin and a Luxe sheepskin rug I hear you ask, very good question because sometimes they do look very similar.  Well the main distinction is the wool of the Yetti rugs has a much more natural profile, it is shaggy and slightly curly, much the sheep in the fields, which is in contrast to the  the Luxe sheepskin, that has been ironed, combed and straightened to make the wool more elegant and fluffy; So in everyday terms before and after a visit to the hairdressers (well definately in my case anyway!)

Credit for this more bohemian finish can be given to a Somerset Tannery, just down the road from us, Fenlands of Bridgwater, introduced this stunning look over 30 years ago, but it has proved so popular that several other tanneries now produce this look, sadly Fenlands has closed but it is another example of good things coming from Somerset!

Our sheepskin rugs are ideal for use on the floor as mats, carpets, seat covers or sofa backs - we have even seen them used as curtains, now that's what you call draft proofing, but it does look stunning!

Yetti Sheepskin

With Australian origins, this skin was originally developed back in the 1980's in Somerset by Fenlands an artisan tannery, just down the road from Owen Barry.

Yetti inherited its name from the Himalayan Snowman: but this Yetti skin is a far more robust version of the popular Tibetan/Mongolian Lamb (check out the description in this guide).

For everyday use Yetti is unbeatable, it has the stunning shaggy wool profile, which is very easily maintained, being hardwearing and a head-turning accompaniment in any household.

Yetti has a texture which improves with usage, but it can easily be spot washed, refresh with a good shake and hang on the washing line, combing won't "hurt" but it will open the natural curls and ringlets, these will reform over time, but you might have to suffer the fuzzy bad hair day for a while.

For more information on product care, check out the product care section of this website, and each rug comes with a product label on the back.


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