Why Pizza?

No64 Pizza, mobile street food business, is available for private hire for events, pop-ups, festivals, weddings and corporate events.There are so many reasons!

Is it not true to say that pretty much everyone loves pizza? Is it also fair to say that most people have never actually made a pizza at home, from scratch I mean? These two things are therefore weird, don’t you think?

Also, the ingredients for Pizza are easily accessible, all you need is flour, water, yeast & salt (dough), a tomato sauce topping (if you’re using one, not all pizza has one), and then your toppings, which can just be cheese, if you like. And kids love pizza, another two things that go well together, especially during a cost-of-living crisis!

You don’t need anything fancy to make pizza; a conventional kitchen oven doesn’t make a lesser quality / standard of pizza than an expensive, swanky, wood-fired oven.

No-one knows everything about pizza because it’s a constantly evolving art, and that’s what we love about it. There are so many yeasts, so many flours, and you can dress a pizza with anything you like (meat, fruit, dairy, vegetables, etc).

No64 Pizza, mobile street food business, is available for private hire for events, pop-ups, festivals, weddings and corporate events.Most of us think a pizza starts with a tomato sauce on a base (especially if your pizza world consists of store bought, or delivery pizza!), onto which further ingredients are added, well, it absolutely doesn’t.

"Pizza is also supposed to be rustic, and I say this as Clare finds it hilarious that this doesn’t mix well with my minor-OCD! She’s great at making pizza too, she throws on the toppings and they look as though she’s taken the time to style the damn thing, my pizzas look symmetrical and perfectly neat, a habit I’ve got to break as I won’t have the time to be doing all of this fiddling when I’ve (hopefully) got a queue!

During my research, and training, yes I’ve had training from the best (in my opinion!), some of the most delicious pizzas I’ve tried don’t have a sauce at all – if all goes to plan you will be trying some of these pizzas!

One of my mentors is Adam Atkins. Adam is a Gozney ambassador and owns his own, incredibly successful, street pizza business called Peddling Pizza, by all means check him out (on Instagram he’s @peddlingpizzas).

Adam taught me how to overcome my dough fears, he helped me plan the layout of my trailer, and he taught me the fundamentals of the world of the street pizza vendor. I owe him so much and I don’t hesitate telling him, whenever we speak or meet."

Email us at enquiries@no64.co.uk, complete the form on our website: Contact Form, call Glenn on 07950 933466, or simply pop in to our shop, No64 Biscuit House, in Milford on Sea for details.


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