Frequently Asked Questions

How many pizzas will we need to order?

This always depends on the type of event. For example, for a wedding reception, where the majority of guests will have eaten during the day, we suggest catering for between half and two-thirds of a pizza per person.

For events where pizza will be the main food then we suggest between two-thirds and a whole pizza per person. It's impossible for us to tell you categorically, they're your guests! 

What happens if we have ordered too much, or......not enough??

We will always work with you to assess the number of pizzas required for your event but, as mentioned above, it's not an exact science.

If you order too many and we come to the end of our service we can cook the remaining pizzas for you and then box them up, that way your guests can graze later, or take pizza home. 

If you don't order enough we may be carrying spare dough, however we do try to avoid food waste, and so we don't guaranteee this to be the case. We can't make more dough either, as it takes a minimum of 24 hours to prove, and so it's important we focus on how many we make to ensure no-one goes hungry!

Do you provide plates/boxes & napkins?

Yes, depending on the event we provide either sugar cane, bio-degradable plates or pizza boxes, with wavey liners (to help keep your pizza fresher for longer), and napkins, as standard. 

How many pizzas can we choose?

Our standard package includes 4 pizza variations, designed to ensure there's something for everyone i.e. a meat, a veggie option, and 2 more. 

We will send you a list of toppings and you can choose your 4 pizzas, or we can do it for you. 

Please ensure we are made aware of any special dietary requirements in advance, including if you would like us to cater for vegan guests (we can cater for a small number of vegans without it impacting your 4 choices).

If we have a favourite pizza, not on your list, can you make it for us? 

Absolutely, we love making pizza, any flavour, and so if we can acquire the ingredients, we'll make it for you! When making your booking we can discuss and finalise this with you.

What specific dietary requirements can you accommodate? 

OK, all we would say to you here is that we have multiple ovens and we will be making a lot of pizza, usually in a short period of time.

Please, therefore, bear in mind that if, for example, one of your guests is a celiac we simply cannot guarantee zero cross-contamination (as we're cooking pizza after pizza in the same ovens).

Again, please let's discuss dietary requirements in detail, at the time of booking your event. You might also be advised to check the day before your event as your guest list may have changed, and we don't want anyone getting hungry (or heaven forbid, someone getting ill!).

How long does it take to make a No64 pizza?

Our ethos is to serve you, and your guests, with fantastic looking and tasing pizzas - after all, all good things come to those who wait!

Our ovens are cooking at 500°C + (which means they'll cook a pizza in less than 2 minutes!), BUT we don't mis-treat our dough when stretching it, and we don't simply dump your toppings on so that we can get your pizza to you in record time, we aim for every pizza we serve to be one that we would happily eat!

It doesn't mean we can't cook and serve pizza quickly, it just means that we take care of the finest ingredients that go into making our pizzas!

How do we secure our booking? 

In order for us to quote you for your event we need the following information:

  • Date (so we can check availability)
  • Location (so we know where we’re going)
  • No. of guests (so we know how many we’re feeding)
  • Serving time (so we know how long we’ll be cooking for)
  • Type of event (so, what’s the occasion?)

We will then raise an invoice for 25% of the total (your deposit), and once paid, this secures your booking. The balance is then due 2 weeks before the event.

Please note: this scenario is for private events, not festivals, markets or pop-ups, these events will have their own, set criteria, for which we will provide a bespoke quotation.

We aren't sure of our head-count yet, can we still make our booking? 

Of course, in this instance we simply estimate your head-count in order that we can quote, and then raise an invoice for your deposit.

When the final balance is due you can confirm how many guests you have, and we can then adjust your final balance payment. Simple.

Can you provide your documents, as required by our venue? 

Of course. We always provide a full pack containing all relevant paperwork, which contains our insurance (including public liability cover), food hygiene certification, and health & safety pack (including risk assessments).

When do we need to finalise our menu choices?

We ask for this information, which also includes dietary requirements and serving times, when your full balance is due, so 2 weeks before your event (at the latest). This gives us plenty of time to make our preparations to your event, No64 amazing!

Can we name the pizzas we choose for our menu?

Of course you can, we love to personalise your event as much as we can! When you choose your menu just let us know what you would like to name your pizzas and we'll get it all written up for you - the creative, the better, within reason!

How long does it take to set up / clear down? 

We prefer to arrive at least 2 hours before we serve, this enables plenty of time for us to get set up, and for our ovens to get up to temperature. 

At the end of service we'll require around an hour, if we ideally need to be quicker, we can.

How long do you serve for? 

For private events (for festivals, markets & pop-ups please send us your brief) we suggest a standard serving time of 2 hours, simply because we need to put a number to it. But it's your event and so, when we discuss details, we'll also decide on the service time you need.

What happens if we need to cancel our event? 

Sadly, due to how busy we are and the high demand for No64 Pizza, we do need to make our clients aware of our cancellation policy, and so we're glad you've asked!

If you need to cancel, here's what we (need to) charge:

  • 15 days or more, before the event - £100.00
  • 4 - 14 days before the event - 20% (of your total booking fee)
  • 1 - 3 days before the event - 40%
  • Less than 24 hours before your event - 60%

Please be aware, these charges accommodate our loss of revenue and, if at very short notice, the cost of all of the ingredients.

What facilities do you need at our venue?

Good question! Our horse box is, on the whole, self-sufficient (our ovens are dual-fuel and so if there's an issue with wood-fired cooking, we can easily switch to LPG). We also carry a generator, just in case there is an issue with power, and we have our own water supply.

However, if we're able to access power (standard 13 amp) it is preferable (simply to power lighting and fridges) as our generator is our emergency fail-safe. 

We also need the ground, on which we're setting up, to be flat and solid (we don't want to sink in mud or anything awful like that!).

Please let us know, at time of making your enquiry, if there are any access or height restrictions that we need to be aware of.

What happens if it's raining? 

If it's raining we are still able to cook pizza. As a 'rain contingency plan' for your event we would suggest that your venue does have a section indoors, with a suitable buffet table, and our chefs will carry your pizzas through, and into the dry. 

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