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No64 Pizza, mobile street food business, is available for private hire for events, pop-ups, festivals, weddings and corporate events.The secret to great pizza begins with the dough, and it is a science! It’s not the topping, it’s not the oven, it’s the dough – get this part wrong and you’re fighting a losing battle. As with breads yeast is the key, it’s a living thing, and you need to understand it, and use the right one for the type of dough you’re trying to make.

Have you ever been to a pizzeria and had the same pizza twice but with wildly different results? One time it was puffy & crispy round the edges, the next time it was lifeless and soggy in the middle, well, it’s inevitably the dough (or their chef is off sick!).

What about a pizzeria who shout about their pizzas being the best because they’re cooked in an ‘authentic wood-fired oven’, and then you discover that they buy in frozen dough, or tubs of tomato topping from the wholesalers!

It’s the laziness of the latter, given you can make an authentic Italian sauce with (good quality) tinned tomatoes and salt, that's it, you don’t even need to cook it!

For example, the Marinara pizza is basically dough, Marinara sauce (legend suggests Marinara was invented to liven up bread after, in the mid-16th century, Spaniards introduced the tomato into Europe - yes, we have become pizza geeks!), and garlic, dried Oregano, and salt & pepper. There isn’t even any cheese on top!

Now imagine making this pizza with frozen dough & wholesaler tomato sauce (at home, never mind in an actual pizzeria!), the two main components. The oven you cooked it in couldn’t save it, wood-fired or your standard kitchen oven, it would still be lifeless & tasteless.

Pizza aficionados say that if you can nail a Marinara, you can make them all.

The more you look into the world of authentic pizza, the more fascinating it becomes.....to save you time though, why not just try one of ours??

The basics of Pizza 

Let’s start with dough, what about Olive oil we hear you ask? Well, when we made my first batches we used various recipes, all of them containing Olive oil, some even contained malt. We then discovered that, often, both of these ingredients, malt specifically, are used dependent upon what level of heat you’re cooking with.

No64 Pizza, mobile street food business, is available for private hire for events, pop-ups, festivals, weddings and corporate events.By heat I mean temperature. We said earlier that it doesn’t matter how you cook pizza, it’s all about the dough, stating that you can cook an equally good pizza in a conventional ‘home’ oven, as you can in a wood-fired oven.

It’s true, you can cook in a ‘home’ oven using gas or electric, or over coal, in outdoor ceramic ovens, with wood, using LPG in an outdoor oven, and even on a cast iron skillet. The difference is temperature.

A conventional oven cooks up to, what, 220/230 degrees centigrade, but an outdoor ceramic oven, or a wood/gas pizza oven (I use Gozney ovens) cook at 500 degrees plus, so more than double the temperature of a home oven.

Therefore, the dough you make / use is going to behave differently, specifically the browning / crisping around the non-ingredient coated, edges. Olive oil, and malt specifically, is used in dough mixes when using lower temperature devices in order to help with the browning process (they're called 'browning agents'), when you’re cooking at 500 degrees you do not need to assist this process, in fact there’s an art to not burning, never mind browning pizza at those temperatures!

There’s therefore nothing wrong with cooking a homemade pizza in a conventional oven, but what we love about cooking pizza, using an outdoor oven, is the interaction.

No64 Pizza, mobile street food business, is available for private hire for events, pop-ups, festivals, weddings and corporate events.You can put a pizza in the oven, go off and do something else around the house, and 10 minutes later it’s done. You put a pizza into a 500-degree real fire oven, 90 seconds and it’s done, but you have to know what you’re doing, otherwise you’ll destroy your pizza within moments….it’s exciting!

And that’s why we all love to watch a street food vendor applying their art, using flames in front of your very eyes. To be fair, many of us just love to watch the beauty presented by fire, it’s mesmerising, isn’t it?

And that’s also why you don’t need wood generated fire to make a great pizza; our ovens are dual fuel, and so work with wood or gas, in our humble opinion they cook pizza the same. You’ll find us using both fuel types, gas & wood, for no particular reason.

With pizza, the way we see it, we just need to get our dough recipe right. Sounds easy, but it isn’t, believe us. A great dough needs take just 24 hours before you can use it (some dough recipes are 72 hours!), and it needs love, care & patience, which means:

  1. You can’t rush it, and
  2. Somehow, with a street pizza business (making pizza in a trailer, remotely, with limited fridge space), you have to make the right amount.

The latter point terrified us at the start of our journey as what if we ran out?! Well, the answer, we happily discovered is that you can't (or shouldn't) as you'll 'generally' be catering for one of two event types:

  1. An event specifying the number of pizzas required i.e. 100 pizzas, OR
  2. A street market. At a street market you are generally paying for your pitch, and so you set your own target i.e. 100 pizzas. Once you've sold your dough, you're finished for the day!

So, we're certain, that we're ready to serve you the best street pizza you've tasted, but there's only one judge of that......you!

To book No64 Pizza for your event email us at enquiries@no64.co.uk, call Glenn on 07950 933466, or pop into the shop and we'll chat everything through with you.

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