Ester & Erik of Denmark

Ester & Erik is a family-founded company with a long tradition for good craftsmanship and beautiful handmade candles designed with dedication and care. Since 1987 when Ester & Erik established the company the principles for making the perfect candle have never changed – and the focus still is “Quality first, always”.

With a natural scent of Nordic nature, the candles from Ester & Erik represent the affection for Danish traditions and the dedication to pure, Nordic fragrances. The essence of Denmark – shaped and characterised by a long history of Kings and Queens and the incredible forces of nature.

Scented Candles by Ester & Erik

THE COLLECTION: This is the collection of Denmark – a beautiful bouquet of scents that capture the essence of pure, Nordic nature – and how we see and sense our beloved country.

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Garden Torches by Ester & Erik

The classic trademarked garden torches are designed by ester & erik. They can be adjusted to all kinds of surfaces and a lid protects the candle wax from taking damage.

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