Luxury 'Black Champagne' Diffuser beautifully designed & packaged. 'Victorian' candles ByON.

200ml beautifully designed, luxury Diffuser, Black, Champagne scent. With the spicy scent of jasmine flowers with a hint of musk.


Product Code: 924-067BC

Price: £25.00

Luxury 'Victorian Black Champagne' Difusser beautifully packaged with the spicy scent of Jasmine flowers and a hint of musk.

SCENT: Diffuser Black Champagne

TOP: Aldehyde, Ozone, Tuberose

BASE: Cedar Wood, Musk, Tonka, Wood

HEART: Floral, Jasmine, Rosewood


SIZE: 8cm x 38cm

CARE INSTRUCTION: Remove stopper place the reeds in the bottle. Allow the reeds to be saturated completely by roating twice and then periodically flip reeds to refresh scent. For a more subtle fragrance or to adjust for smaller space use fewer reeds. 

MATERIAL: 120ML diffuser

Brand: ON Interior

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