Sheep Doorstop, hand crafted from Curly Merino sheepskin and Glace Leather, presented in Cream. From Owen Barry

Sheep Doorstop, hand crafted from Curly Merino sheepskin and Glace Leather, presented in Cream. From Owen Barry
Sheep Doorstop, Sheepskin, Leather, Cream (H:18cm x L:27cm x W:18cm)
Sheep Doorstop, Sheepskin, Leather, Cream (H:18cm x L:27cm x W:18cm)

Product: Door stop

Materials: Curly Merino Sheepskin & glorious tactile Leather

Colour: Cream

Filling: mixture of Sheepskin wadding, Gravel and Sand

Dimensions: H:18cm x L:27cm x W:18cm

Brand: Owen Barry

Coming from the same stable as the Cow and Dog doorstops, the Owen Barry Sheep doorstops have to be credited with leading the way in stunning doorstops.

Designed and first produced over 15 years ago,  the Owen Barry sheep Doorstops have become a quintessential part of the collection.

Handcut and crafted in our Somerset workshop from the finest Curly Merino sheepskin & glorious tactile leather.

We all know the finishing touches make any home special, these Sheep sit well in a variety of settings, but as a gift for a farmer, rural-based family, or sheep enthusiast this doorstop seems like a no-brainer!

Filled with a mixture of Sheepskin wadding, gravel and sand ensure a tactile feel whilst giving a sensible weight.

These Sheep should not be used as toys, because although the gravel & sand contents are tightly handsewn inside, Owen Barry cannot be responsible for any bursts or breakages if inappropriately used.

Glace Leather

Glace leather has been used in our handbag collections for many seasons, it is an Italian leather, that has been selected because of it's subtly of colour and popular smooth glossy finish.

Glace is very popular, but you must be aware that it is quite a fine leather, that means light colours especially can be prone to getting grubby and will mark over time.  Also the flat surface grain will soften or slightly distress with repeated usage, unless you are super protective of your bag, this is unavoidable; we don't mind this ageing and feel bags made from these skins become a bit like all of us, growing older and a little more broken in around the edges over time.

Merino Sueded Sheepskin

Five generations of the Barry family have been tanning and selecting sheepskin and leathers, so when it comes to choosing the finest, we feel we have a pretty good inherent knowledge.

Merino Ironed Sheepskin is recognised as being the finest shearling in the marketplace, these exquisite skins have a plush velvet-like ironed wool and a super silky suede, they are medium to lightweight,  the perfect skin for the finest sheepskin garment.

Merino sheepskin has a way of "falling" when manufactured is stunning, second to none and the "handle" of these pelts has to be felt to be believed - it is buttery soft and supersensuous like silk. 




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