Serving Bowl: 'Wabi', hand-made from Chamotte Earth sandstone & Stoneware, presented in Vert (Green). By Jars Ceramistes

Serving Bowl: 'Wabi', hand-made from Chamotte Earth sandstone & Stoneware, presented in Vert (Green). By Jars Ceramistes
Serving Bowl, Wabi Sabi, Stoneware / Enamel, Green & White (16.5x20cm)

Beauty of imperfection

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, a collection that celebrates the purity and simplicity of craftsmanship.

Raw & textured materials. Result of the hand-made. Almost art.

Serving Bowl. In chamotte earth, sandstone in which small pieces of crushed cooked stoneware are added.

Green and white enamel, contrasts of intensity and textures. Superposition of enamels with ash, deposited with a ladle or brush. Several layers to achieve unique effects.

Product type: Serving Bowl

Product range: Wabi

Colour: Vert (Green)

Materials: Enamelled Stoneware

Dimensions: 16.5cm x 20cm x H:4cm / 30cl 

Maintenance tips: Easy & modern day-to-day use: dishwasher and microwave compatible

Brand: Jars Ceramistes

All Jars ceramics can withstand any domestic oven temperatures, but not with severe and sudden changes. Doing so can lead to thermal shock. For example, reheating a cold dish from the fridge by putting it directly into a hot oven. It is better to put the dish into a cold oven and then switch it on to allow it to heat up gradually. When removing a dish from a hot oven, always place it onto a cork or wood mat, an oven glove or a folded tea towel for a few minutes. Thermal shock cracks can happen when a hot dish is set directly onto a cold stainless steel, marble or granite worktop. However, the steel pan rails sometimes built into such worktops are fine.

Jars Ceramistes pride themselves in the quality of each item that is produced at their factory. They are renowned for the special reactive glazes that they create. Each piece is individual and sometimes there might be a slight colour variation which is quite normal. This happens with the mix of glazes reacting together in different ways on each piece of ceramic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jars Ceramistes pieces durable?

Yes; through the firing process each piece reaches 2850°F/1565°C, allowing the clay and the glaze to become vitrified and fuse together to create a non-porous ware. The stoneware at Jars is considered some of the most resistant and natural of ceramic materials. Whilst it isn’t indestructible, it is certainly more hardwearing than other comparable ceramics.

Are Jars Ceramistes pieces dishwasher safe?

Yes, all Jars pieces are both dishwasher and microwave safe. You can also place Jars Ceramistes pieces in a low temperature oven (up to 150°C). The roasters feature a slightly different glaze, so are suitable for use in higher temperature ovens. We would suggest preheating roasters with the oven, rather than putting a cold roaster straight in to a hot environment.

Can I request a colour which you don’t currently have in stock?

Jars change their glazes seasonally, so our range is constantly changing and evolving. We can request glazes from Jars for special orders; please contact to discuss this.


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