Handmade 'Mofo' Flower, in Green, made from Ceramic. By Chive.

Handmade 'Mofo' Flower, in Green, made from Ceramic. By Chive.

"Until the Coral ceramic flowers came along, we have never designed anything that does not do anything.

We had no idea if anyone would like them but each Coral 3 ceramic flower is painstakingly hand-made, ensuring (like a live flower in nature) that no two are alike. The attention to detail is exquisite and they really are miniature works of art. So we took a risk and it paid off. The Coral ceramic flowers and succulents and coral are the number one selling item of 2016.

Use them for tabletop decorations, paperweights, or tuck them into a plant arrangement for extra colour and texture. We especially love using them within our Bolsk Hanging and Table Terrariums."

Description: The beautiful & unique Coral 3 Mofo flower, in Green, made from Ceramic. Each one is painstakingly handmade and is a miniature work of art. Comes with a keyhole in the back for hanging. By Chive.

Dimensions: Diameter: 6.5" x Height: 2.7"

Colour: Green

Material: Ceramic

Brand: Chive


Product Code: C3MOFG

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