Le Feu 'Ground Low' Bio Fireplace in Black. By Lauritsen of Denmark

Le Feu 'Ground Low' Bio Fireplace in Black. By Lauritsen of Denmark
'Ground Low' Fireplace with smoked Oak legs, by Le Feu
'Ground Low' Fireplace with black Oak legs, by Le Feu
Le Feu Fireplace, Dome
Le Feu Fireplace, Burner Tool
Le Feu 'Ground Low' Fireplace in Black
Le Feu 'Ground Low' Fireplace in Black

Le Feu - Define Fire

The beautiful Le Feu bio fireplaces are odour & smoke-free, they require no installation, no ventilation and no chimney. They run purely on biofuel, making them clean and environmentally friendly.

The classic simplicity of the collection offers smooth surfaces and stunning clean lines. The 4 models create a unique, flexible and practical heating solution for radiating warmth through out a room.


                Dome: Cold-rolled Steel, Powder Coat Paint finish

                Burner: Brushed Steel

                Legs: Soap treated Oak, Smoked Oak or Black Oak




                Dome: 520mm (max) x 350mm (max) x 2.3mm

                Total height (incl. legs): 45cm


18.5kg (total weight)




12-14 days 


Le Feu by Lauritsen


To increase the safety in homes for children and animals, floor brackets are available (as an extra for the 'Ground Wood' and 'Low Wood' models) to attach the fireplace to the floor. 

The fuel used in a Le Feu fireplace is denatured ethanol, also referred to as ethyl alcohol, bio ethanol, or grain alcohol. Liquid, pure denatured ethanol is sourced from natural products such as plants including corn, wheat, barley and sugar cane.

It is a safe, natural fuel, it’s easy to use, and it’s eco-friendly. Bio ethanol fuels produce clean, smokeless warmth without the harmful emissions produced from conventional fossil fuel fires and wood burners. Bio ethanol fuel is easy to source and buy, we at No64 Biscuit House can recommend the suppliers we use, or simply do a search online and you will find it easily available.

Safety and Bioethanol Fuel

Ethanol Fuel is highly flammable and presents real danger when not used in direct compliance with the equipment.

Ethanol Fuel should ONLY be handled by adults, NEVER by children.

To ensure safe use you must carefully read and adhere to all the manufacturer instructions. These instructions should be kept for reference and provided to ANYONE planning to use Ethanol Fuel in a burning device (equipment).


Product Code: 800079

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