Taper Candle in Gold. By Ester & Erik of Denmark

Taper Candle in Gold. By Ester & Erik of Denmark
Taper Candle, Gold (32cm)

This is the beautiful Ester & Erik Taper candle in colour: Gold. Also available in 22cm, 42cm & 49cm, and a huge variety of colours.

These beautiful one-piece, solid Brass candle holders are also available for your favourite Ester & Erik candles in shiny Silver, shiny Brass & mat Silver.

Candle type








Burn time

8 hours

Ester & Erik Taper Candles

Our taper candles are delivered in frames or packed in boxes (gently wrapped in silk paper). Our self-extinguishing candles burn with a beautiful steady flame and are non-drip, provided they aren't exposed to draft. 

Conically shaped in the bottom so they fit most candlesticks. Handmade, long, lean and with the thin elegant point that is the ester & erik trademark. Get 4 different lengths (22cm, 32cm, 42cm and 49cm)


Normal, lacquer or gold/silver


Product Code: 0366-90

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