'Sofie' Single Wick Scented Candle. By Ester & Erik of Denmark

'Sofie' Single Wick Scented Candle. By Ester & Erik of Denmark


Imagine an evening walk in the shade of the tall linden trees above. That is the essence of Sofie, a warm and blossomy scent that will remind you of the peace of mind that follows after a long summer day.

The nature

The magnificent spectacle of castles and great fortresses across Denmark is the proud heritage of the Danish Royal Family and the aristocracy of Denmark. It is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful sight of historical buildings at the end of long avenues of linden trees. 

The name

SOFIE originates from Greek and means wisdom. Traditionally, it is an aristocratic name and several countesses and princesses throughout history were baptised Sofie, like the wife of King Frederik 2.


Cinnamon, Linden tree, Lilac, Violet, Salicylic, Vegetal


1 wick: 45-50 hours burning time


Ester & Erik of Denmark

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