Natural 'ULLA' Lambskin from Greenland, White. By Affari of Sweden

Natural 'ULLA' Lambskin from Greenland, White. By Affari of Sweden

Natural European short-tailed Lamb Skin from Greenland,  the 'Ulla' range by Affari of Sweden. Measures approx. 100cm x 90cm (colour, size & markings vary).

Product size ~100cm x 90cm


Finish: Bleached

Info: Colour, size and marks on the skin vary. The skin has a natural scent of lanolin from the tanning that will fade with time.

The lambskin comes from Northern European short-tailed lambs, an ancient breed of sheeps that originate from the Vikings. They are hardy and adapted to the harsh environments on Greenland, lceland and the Faroe Islands.

How to take care of your sheepskin
Sheepskins are usally maintenance-free at normal usage, because the wool is almost impervious to dirt. The wool will keep its elasticity for years and remain fresh and inviting.

However, accidents always happen and you might spill something on your skin, but keep calm it seldom penetrate deep in to the wool. Just let the skin dry, then brush off the stain, sometimes you need to damp the stain with a little water, let dry and then brush again. Our sheepskins are robust and withstand everyday use both indoors and outdoors.

Brand: Affari


Product Code: 070-013-01

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