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Regardless of the obvious issue we’re all having to deal with, which I will have to mention shortly, it would be remiss of me not to ask, and hope, that you all had the best Christmas possible? For me I was able to see Jake & Molly, my son and daughter, although not for as long as I would have liked. It was good enough for me though.

Well, 2020 was an incredibly difficult year wasn’t it and, for No64 Biscuit House, it’s thanks to so many of you that we even survived it! We honestly cannot thank you enough; we feel truly honoured and humbled by your support and your continued messages of luck and love, you’ve been our inspiration and motivation!

Sadly though, some businesses haven’t been so lucky and so our hearts go out to them and their families. It’s been a truly shocking time for everyone and, as much as 2021 is going to start as 2020 ended, it does mean we’re a step closer to this all being over……..doesn’t it??

So, we start 2021 in full lockdown, and the most important thing, which you don’t need me to tell you, is that we observe the guidelines, get vaccinated as soon as we can, and then all get back to whatever the new normal will then be.

But what will it be normal as we know it…….? Rhetorical question……..unless one of you can see into the future, in which case make yourself known so I can win the lottery please!?

So, down to the nitty-gritty…….

We’re closed but we’re still open……

For those of you who wish to shop with us during lockdown, for the following, and loads more of course………

  • Annie Sloan paints & accessories were SO in-demand during both lockdowns! We never imagined how incredibly popular painting in the home (upcycling furniture, painting your kitchen or bedroom units, etc), or in the garden (transforming a tired piece of garden furniture, or making your shed look a million dollars!), was……amazing!
  • Gifts & Gift boxes – During lockdown 1 we offered a gift box service, for that special person or to cheer a friend up, not to mention for birthdays, and we’ll be offering that again. Just give us a call, or an email, with a budget and / or some ideas of what you would like and I’ll put it all together for you. You know me, I’ll make it beautiful and special!
  • Something you’ve seen in our window – For those of you know who know me well you’ll know that regardless of lockdown I’ll still be styling, and re-styling the shop, and so if you see anything you like in / through our window on your daily walk just let me know!
  • Something you’ve seen on our website – If you see something on our website or social media, but you’re local, let us know by phone / email, and we’ll organise kerbside collection, or local delivery, to save you a shipping fee.

………here’s how you can do it:


No64 Biscuit House, shop online at, nationwide & worldwide delivery service, free local delivery, Covid-secure kerbside collection - call 01590 643765.


Kerbside collection

You call us on 01590 643765, or email us at and we’ll have your order ready for you to collect, COVID-safely of course. I wanted to use the picture as I want you all to be able to see No64 Biscuit House, with it's door open! We WILL NOT let this thing beat us and WE WILL welcome you back again soon!

No64 Biscuit House, shop online at, nationwide & worldwide delivery service, free local delivery, Covid-secure kerbside collection - call 01590 643765.


Free Local delivery

We can deliver to your chosen doorstep locally, free of charge. And we don’t just mean our products, if anyone can’t get out and needs something picking up, just let us know. We can arrange payment to suit you, you can do a bank transfer, pay cash, pay by card over the phone in advance, or we can bring a card machine with us.

No64 Biscuit House, shop online at, nationwide & worldwide delivery service, free local delivery, Covid-secure kerbside collection - call 01590 643765.


National courier network

You can shop with us online 24/7 – – and we can deliver anywhere in the UK, or world, via our national courier network arrangement. We really can send anywhere in the world, we've already sent a parcel to Australia this year, the shipping did cost more than the product but when you want something, you want something!!

No64 Exclusives - - check it out!

We’re updating this section - No64 Exclusives - of our site daily and so keep your eye on it for bargains! We’ve just added a load of Christmas stuff, with great discounts, and we’ve already had a few online orders……it’s as if some of you are psychic!

Other than that is doesn’t really feel like the right time to be announcing new brands, or being over-jolly, as I realise things are difficult and I don’t want you thinking anything’s any different for us – as obviously it isn’t!

So, I close by repeating our offer to anyone local, whether we’ve given you help previously or not:

If you, or anyone you know (local to us in Milford on Sea), needs anything collecting (prescriptions, shopping, etc) then please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re just a phone call away – 01590 643765.

Stay safe everyone, let’s hope our January blog can be a little more jolly!

Clare xx

Clare Southcombe-Holmes, owner No64 Biscuit House, professional photographic stylist, interior designer.

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