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It's not just Halloween tomorrow, it's our Christmas Launch Night.......from 6pm!

Most of you will now have your invites to our 3rd Christmas Launch Night and we can't wait for you to see our display, see this year's products, and chat to us about why we chose them, and where they're from.

This year refreshments include a glass of Glögg which, if you didn't know (which we didn't until we met the lovely Helene, our Nicolas Vahé contact, at M&O last month), is Sweden's festive wine beverage. It's basically Scandinavian Mulled Wine but, in true Scandi tradition, it is of course stylish and refined.

We also have Prosecco (of course!), and soft drinks, and we can't wait to raise a glass with you!

So preparations are well under way, Santa has been and room 2 in the shop is now closed as it's being styled by yours truly in readiness for our big launch (which starts at 6pm) and we can't wait to see what you think. 

I am of course a bundle of nerves!

Say "Hello" to Dekocandle of Belgium

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our new(est) brand, a brand we've been so desperate to tell you about but we couldn't until we secured our exclusivity........but we can now!

So they're from Belgium....."but you're a Scandinavian interiors shop?" we hear you cry! Exactly, yes we are, and this is why we're so excited because, regardless of where they were from, when we saw them we just had to have them!

We found them when we went to Maison&Objet in Paris recently and, if you read our September Blog, you'll know we stumbled across them at the eleventh hour and fell in love (but we couldn't name names until we became an official stockist).

Drum roll..................so they're called Dekocandle and, as the name suggests, their heritage is in candles and candle orientated products, but they do also do furniture, as well as some lovely Christmas stuff. Here's a little taster....


Beautifully hand-crafted Tea Light Holders (set of 3), made from Iron, presented in Burnt Copper or Burnt Silver. By Dekocandle of Belgium.


Tea Light Holders, set of 3, hand-crafted from Iron and finished in Burnt Silver

There are 3 different sizes that make up the set, they're absolutely stunning, and they're also available in Burnt Copper.

Stunning Hurricane Lantern range for Pillar Candles, beautifully crafted from Iron, and presented in Black & Copper. By Dekocandle of Belgium.


Hurricane Lantern range, beautifully crafted from Iron, and presented in Black & Copper

These lanterns are just different, they look like Bamboo but they're beautifully crafted from Iron, they're just gorgeous.

Stunning handmade Christmas Tree range, beautifully crafted from Iron, presented in Antique Gold. By Dekocandle of Belgium.


Christmas Tree, beautifully hand-crafted from Iron and finished in Antique Gold

This Christmas Tree is just so ornate, it's beautiful, and it comes in 2 different sizes. Take a look at the Antique Green one too.

Their candles are hand-poured and we know you're going to love their design and colours, and their accessories (pots, vases & votives, candlesticks & lanterns, etc) are all exclusively hand-made or hand-blown. The quality and design is just stunning.

So we've started off with a small selection of products, a few of which are pictured above, and we hope you love them as much as we do. After all it's you who will decide whether they become a No64 Biscuit House favourite, or not!

It was a little tricky placing an order just before Christmas and so we don't have loads, we'll be placing a big 'Spring / Summer' order in January when we're back - please note we don't re-open until Monday 20th as we take our annual holiday first 2 weeks in Jan.

Glenn's Christmas picks!

As I'm rushing around styling our Christmas room I'm now going to hand you over to Glenn (she says with a due sense of caution and dread!!) and he's going to tell you what his favourite Christmas products are. Sorry but he offered to help me out and so I can't really say no!

Hello all, Glenn here!

So you want to know my Christmas picks do you? Well buckle up as all is about to be revealed.......I'm a little nervous as this could be my 15 minutes of fame though!

Right, I've whittled it down to 3, or you might get bored! I'll start by saying that I do get the micky taken out of me, a lot, by my pals as my job involves talking to people about candles & cushions and so I'm afraid I need to steer clear of those, to save a little face!

So here we go....BTW anything underlined and/or in bold means you can click on it and it'll take you to that product on our website, in case you'd like to read about it further, or put it on your Christmas list.


The 'Xmas Car' and the MINI Xmas car range, in the famous shape of the original VW Beetle, presented in Chrome, Black or White. By House Doctor, a Society of Lifestyle brand.


The Xmas Car and MINI Xmas car range, in the shape of the iconic VW Beetle. By House Doctor

These are so cool! Christmas cars carrying gifts or Christmas trees, available in Silver, Black or White. Perfect stocking fillers.

The decorative 'Marely' Christmas Reindeer range, in Black or Gold, made from Aluminium. By Lene Bjerre of Denmark.


The 'Marely' Reindeer Christmas ornament, made from Aluminium. By Lene Bjerre of Denmark

Such a cool little chap, I love these. Couple of sizes and in Black or Gold, I don't think they're just for Christmas decor either.

The beautiful 'Verdia' Votive range, in Bronze and Light Gold with lovely detailing, Christmas from Lene Bjerre of Denmark.


The 'Verdia' range of Christmas Votives by Lene Bjerre of Denmark 

I love this shot, so cosy and Christmasy, and these votives are lovely in Bronze / Light Gold or Misty Rose / Light Gold.

So I've gone for cars (well I am a bloke!), reindeers, and candles holders. The cars are clearly modelled on the iconic VW Beetle though and, right me if I'm wrong, but more of you ladies have a Beetle these days than us chaps. I know that I grew up watching Herbie though and so I'll always love the Beetle. 

A reindeer is also iconic at Christmas, obviously, and I just think these ornaments are cool. If you have one in your home your family / visitors will definitely notice and ask you where you got it from, I bet you I'm right! And then I just got drawn to the votives, they're really beautiful......oh God I've been working in and around interiors for far too long now, help me!!! 

So those are my choices but we have tonnes of beautiful stuff, I've just sneaked another peak of our Christmas room as Clare styles it and it's DEFEINITELY going to be the most amazing yet! 

So we'll see you tomorrow night, or over the weekend.

Festive farewell for now,

Glenn (& Clare)

Glenn Harrison, co-founder and 'behind the scenes guy' of No64 Biscuit House in Milford on Sea.


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