Lene Bjerre Christmas UK

We're delighted to announce the launch of Christmas at No64 Biscuit House, in-store and online, and here we showcase the stunning ranges we've selected from one of our favourite Danish homewares brand.

This is only our second Christmas and from day one we've been UK stockists of Lene Bjerre; we're so excited about this year's Scandinavian decorations & ornaments, Nordic candles & votives, beautifully patterned napkins, and a few extra surprises we're hope you're going to love.


Christmas candles by Lene Bjerre, including taper candles, cone candles, LED candles and scented candles.

Beautiful Christmas decorations & ornaments by Lene Bjerre

The beauty of Christmas is crisp & bright, it's about creating a frozen fairytale look with glass ornaments, about making your home sparkle, about decorating your Christmas tree with gorgeous baubles and ornaments. It's about creating a magical and enchanting Christmas mood in your home.

Here we've chosen 4 products from our stunning range of Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments by Lene Bjerre but again, please don't forget to visit our full ranges in-store and via our online shop.


'Serafina' Snow Globe

The beautiful Christmas Snow Globe is from the stylish & exclusive 'Serafina' range by Lene Bjerre.

Pictured in Antique Silver and made from Glass & Resin it's a huge No64 customer favourite.



'Pinea' artificial Pine Tree

This beautiful artififial 'Pine Tree' from the classic 'Pinea' range makes a lovely Christmas decoration.

Create a natural and authentic atmosphere with this lifelike and allergy-friendly ornament.


'Glisia' Xmas Hourglass

This stunning Clear Glass Hourglass, with Light Gold Glitter, is from the 'Glisia' Christmas range.

 Place the hourglass on the Christmas dining table and mix with candles & other beautiful Christmas decorations.


'Verdia' Candle Votive

The beautiful Misty Rose & Light Gold coloured 'Verdia' candle Votive, with lovely detailing.

This beautiful Christmas piece is made from glass and decorated with a lovely iron top, which is Lene Bjerre's very own design. 

Snow Globe   Pine Tree   Glisia Hourglass   Verdia Votive


Light up your favourite Lene Bjerre Christmas candle

Candlelight is essential at Christmas time to create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Candles are beautiful as decorations, on candlesticks, in lanterns or votives, or simply standing on their own.

At No64 Biscuit House our selection of Christmas candles includes elegant taper candles, Nordic pillar candles, lavish decorative candles, beautifully scented candles, and LED candles.

Here are just 4 of our stunning range, but don't forget to visit our whole range either in-store or via the 'Christmas @ No64' or 'Christmas Candles & Diffusers' sections on our website.


Classic LED Candle

Simple, white coloured LED candle designed by Lene Bjerre. A beautiful & realistic alternative to candlelight.

 The candle is made from paraffin, which is a mineral material with better properties than ordinary wax.



'Gliteria' Pillar Candle

With this stunning Lene Bjerre 'Gliteria' pillar candle you can create the Christmas spirit in your home.

The pillar candle is produced with paraffin wax, which is a mineral material with better properties than regular wax. 



Nordic Tea Light Candles

Delightfully detailed, Light Gold coloured, Nordic Tea Light Candles in a Christmas Star design. 

There are 6 tea lights in this beautiful Christmas candle set from Lene Bjerre, making it a great gift and a fabulous decoration for your home or Christmas table.


Nordic Pine Cone Candle

Both fabulous and fun, this is the Lene Bjere detailed Silver coloured Nordic 'Pine Cone' Christmas Candle.

It really is a candle perfectly shaped like a pine cone! 

A No64 customer favourite for sure!

LED Candle   Gliteria Candle   Nordic Tea Lights   Pine Cone Candle


Lene Bjerre Christmas available from our online shop

“Christmas is a part of our heritage” Lene Bjerre tell us, and we don't think we can put it more beautifully than they do:

“the quiet and magical moments, the moments with family and loved ones. Creating moments to remember and cherish. It's about enjoying the now, remembering what has been, and looking forward to what's coming”.

And they finish by saying, quite simply, “Christmas is magic”. Perfect.


Beautiful Christmas tree decorations and Christmas ornaments from Lene Bjerre, available in-store and online at No64 Biscuit House

Lene Bjerre Christmas in stock and in-store now!

When choosing our ranges this year they told us “Christmas is a time for tradition” but added that this year “we've had a little fun with traditions”, hanging their Christmas trees from the ceilings, deciding that peacock's are Christmasy, and making a Christmas tablecloth a checkered one!


Christmas ornaments, tree decorations, candle lanterns and festive hourglasses from Lene Bjerre of Denmark


But it's the following statement from Lene Bjerre that we really love, we think they've captured the very essence of the festive season we all love perfectly: “The magic of Christmas is silent. You don't hear it – you feel it. Everything is softer and more beautiful at Christmas time. This year our Christmas is warm and cozy – yet posh and stylish.”

Welcome to our moments of Christmas magic, by Lene Bjerre

The smell of spruce, homemade bakery and candles fill our home and spread warmth and cosiness. The flames from the stove and the sight of the beautiful Christmas decoration are just some of the moments that create Christmas magic.

Don’t you just love the moment when you can sit back, relax and enjoy a silent moment – gifts all wrapped and the cocoa hot and creamy?

Merry Christmas everyone, Scandinavian style!

Thanks for reading,

Clare xx



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