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So the big news, for us, is our 2nd Christmas 'Private View' event now only a few weeks away, Thursday October 18th (from 6pm), have you got your invite?? Then there's slippers galore and a wonderful new candle range!

Christmas 'Private View' – Not long now!

This week we've received one of our two main orders for Christmas (not including Sheepskins & Slippers from Shepherd of Sweden, or amazing Christmas candles from Ester & Erik of Denmark) and OMG - five pallets, all 7 feet tall; our house now looks like a mini Amazon warehouse!!

No64 Christmas 'Private View' Event - Save the Date and come and join us.If you'd like to see our Christmas range first we're having a 'Private View' event on Thursday, October 18th from 6pm.

If you'd like an invite let us know in person, give us a call on 01590 643765, or email me at and ask to be put on the guest list.

There will be refreshments, including Prosecco (why not, it's Christmas!), as well as a free goody bag (there will be 200 of these and so they will be first come first served I'm afraid).

We know (or hope....gulp!) you're going to love what we've chosen for you this year. 

As well as traditional Danish we've also gone 'alternative Christmas' from our Dutch supplier and, I promise you, there are some beautiful, and unique pieces in there I'm certain you're going to love!

Intrigued? You'll just need to join us on the 18th, or after........

Shepherd Slippers & Boots - They've gone crazy!

Quite a few of you have now seen, and purchased, your Winter slippers from us from our new Shepherd of Sweden range.

Shepherd of Sweden ladies & gents slippers available exclusively at No64 Biscuit House

If not we've recently trialled slippers, mens & ladies, as well as some lovely outdoor footwear from our Sheepskin / Wool supplier Shepherd. Their Sheepskins, Pouffes, and Cushions have been a huge hit with you all and so we didn't think we could go far wrong.

The 'Cilla' slipper range for ladies from Shepherd of Sweden, available in-store and online at No64 Biscuit HouseWe got a few types & sizes in and goodness me, they flew out.

By many of you they've also been very favourabley compared to a famous brand I shan't name i.e. better fitting, harder wearing, and more comfy.

Anyway, due to their popularity and the sheer number of requests and advance orders we received, we placed a large Christmas order.

Well it too arrived this week and so if you've had a pair, or two, put by they're here for you to collect.

I need to say, to save any slipper-envy related stress, that we CANNOT get any more before Christmas.

This is absolutely not a sales pitch, it's simply due to the fact that Shepherd are not a large company, they make their slippers in batches (to order), and they can therefore only fulfil so many orders.

They're also coming from Sweden, which of course also presents its own shipping issues, and so if you want some.......don't delay........come and have a look!

They're all online if you can't get to us in person.


NEW candle range - P.F. Candle Co

This month we've also started to trial a gorgeous new candle & diffuser range, you know we like to keep it fresh here at No64 to keep you coming back and so welcome to the P.F. Candle Co.

P.F. Candle Co. candles & diffusers now available exclusively in-store and online at No64 Biscuit House

Their story is a real rags to riches one which we've incorporated in a recent article we published called 'P.F. Candle Co. UK Stockists' and so if you'd like to read a little more about them you know what to do.....

So these candles, and diffusers, are hand-poured into apothecary inspired amber jars and finished with a utilitarian label, and a twist-on brass lid.

They look simple but pack a big punch and, as we like to do to get a feel for what you think of them, we've selected a few products from their range for you to try.


Well that's plenty for you to be getting on with I'm sure, now.......back to unpacking boxes for me!


See you all soon, all my love,

Clare xx


Clare Southcombe-Holmes, owner, stylist, Blogger at No64 Biscuit House





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