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We've been a proud UK stockist for Danish independent candle brand Ester & Erik for 6 months now. Due to huge demand, especially with Autumn and Christmas fast approaching, we've recently increased our range to include a selection of their stunning, handmade, Cone and Taper candles.

But don't just take our word for it, come and experience them for yourself....

Ester & Erik Taper Candles available to buy online now!

Fabulous cone candles in various colours and sizes, finished in lacquer. By Ester & Erik of Denmark.

Ester & Erik available from our online shop

I think this is also the first article we've published where we truly believe that few words are needed to describe Ester & Erik and their dedication to making, what we believe, some of the world's finest taper, cone, decoration and scented candles.

As pictured the Taper candles we stock at No64 Biscuit House are delivered in the frames they're dipped in when they're made, they're then packed and gently wrapped in silk paper, the theatre of Ester & Erik begins before the candles are even unpacked!


The delightful Taper candle in Orange and finished in a lacquer coating, available in various sizes. By Ester & Erik of Denmark.

Orange Taper Candle by Ester & Erik 

The striking & beautiful Orange Taper Candle by Ester & Erik.

Pictured above is the 32cm Lacquer finished candle, simply stunning.


The classic Cone candle in Snow White, available in various sizes and a large variety of colours. By Ester & Erik of Denmark.

Snow White Cone Candle by Ester & Erik

The striking & beautiful Snow White Cone Candle by Ester & Erik.

Available in 3 different sizes, and a huge variety of colours,simply stunning.


The beautiful Taper candle in Bright Olive, available in various sizes and a large variety of colours. By Ester & Erik of Denmark.

Bright Olive Taper Candle by Ester & Erik

The striking & beautiful Olive (Bright) Taper Candle by Ester & Erik.

Available in 4 different sizes, and a huge variety of colours, simply stunning.

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Ester & Erik in stock and in store

There's more - these non-drip candles are self-extinguishing and burn with a beautifully steady flame; they're long, lean, and have a thin elegant point, now the trademark of Ester and Erik candles.

They're conical shape at the bottom means they will fit most candlesticks, although we urge you to check out the stunning Ester & Erik Candleholders available in shiny brass, silver and mat brass.

Our range consists of a beautiful selection of colours in their standard candle finish, we also stock lacquered finished candles as well as our Christmas selection in GoldSilver & Bronze.


Our wax Taper candles and Cone candles from Ester & Erik of Denmark come in frames and in a large variety of sizes and colours.

Taper Candles in their Frames in-store

Ester & Erik Taper Candles arrive within the frames they're dipped / made in.

You choose your candle and can cut it yourself, a unique buying experience at No64 Biscuit House.


One piece sold brass candle holders in Gold, Silver and brushed Brass, perfect for your favourite Ester & Erik Taper candle.

Solid Brass Candle Holders by Ester & Erik

The Ester & Erik solid Brass candleholders are available in 3 elegant colours.

They are made from one piece in order to achieve the best possible finish.


Ester & Erik candles from Denmark are handmade by craftsmen using traditional techniques.

Ester & Erik, beautiful, unique, luxurious

Ester & Erik are an independent, family owned, traditional candle maker from Denmark.

Their candles are handmade using the best possible materials, they need to be seen to be believed.

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Handmade, beautifully designed, luxurious candles from Ester & Erik

In Denmark, the lit candle is a gathering point that will create an atmosphere and make any occasion a special one. Owing to the country’s dark winter months, traditions run deep in Denmark when it comes to the craft of high-quality candle-making.

Husband and wife duo, Ester & Erik Møller, launched production of their hand-dipped candles in 1987. Their vision was to pay tribute to the proud traditions of candle making by creating the finest and most elegant candles for an exclusive and demanding customer segment.

Since then, Ester & Erik have refined the traditional techniques and further developed the concept, they continue to manufacture superior candles for candlesticks, cone candles, and square candles with modern shiny surfaces, such as mother of pearl, or lacquer finishes.


Today, with the inclusion to the family business of their son, Søren Møller, the dynasty continues, filled with ambitions to uphold the solid traditions as well as continuing the development of designs based on exclusive quality.

Ester & Erik candles can be found all over the world and No64 Biscuit House are proud to have been chosen as New Forest stockists of this fabulous and sought after brand.

Seeing is believing when it comes to Ester & Erik candles so hopefully we'll see you soon....

Thank you, as always, for your love & support,

Clare xx




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