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Well it's been another hectic month at No64 HQ, and hasn't the weather been just incredible?? Our Styling Service took on a Royal client, I've had a full interview published, and we've launched our Instagram product tagging!

Booberritt interview

This month I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely Naomi Oikonomou of

Naomi, or Berrit as she likes to be known, is a Lifestyle Blogger and after meeting, by chance, she asked if she could write an article/interview with me, to which I had no hesitation in agreeing to!

Here's the full interview and her Blog site which is really engaging, hope you enjoy reading all about me, No64, and all sorts of stuff! Don't forget to come back and continue reading my Blog though!! :)

Instagram Product Tagging / Shop

As many of you will have spotted Glenn's now set up our 'product tagging' on Instagram @No64BH (I do hope you're following us!!).

This is a new and exciting Instagram tool available to qualifying businesses selling physical products; there are a few ways to set it up, none of which are easy, as poor Glenn discovered!

So as we already had an online shop we chose to integrate ours with a Facebook Shop (not FaceBay I hastily add!) for which you need business accounts for both your Facebook and Instagram.

It's very easy for you to find, you simply go to No64 Biscuit House (or @No64BH) on your Facebook and press the blue 'Shop Now' button shown in the bottom right hand corner of the image below, and that takes you to our new shop.

Anyway, back to the point of all this! So when you see some of our Instagram posts we now have the ability to tag No64 products, which is very cool.

If you then click on those products it launches additional information, including the brand and price, and a further click will take you through to our shop where you can buy it.

It just means if you see something you like in an Instagram post, with no effort at all, you can buy it there & then, if you want to.

Heirlooms Styling Project / Photo Gallery

An associate of mine from the photographic world, Andy from Photoworks in Bournemouth, recently got in touch with me about a room-set styling job for a company called Heirlooms.

I happily accepted the opportunity as I love working with Andy. It turns out the clients of Heirlooms, manufacturers of bespoke linens, include not only world’s leading yacht builders, executive jet manufacturers, interior designers, and boutique hotels but also for the British royal family, and hold Royal Warrants from both Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales!

It was a tough brief, four room sets, four bedding ranges per set, and 'inset' shots to show detail and so the schedule, as most shoots tend to be, was intense.

The linen Heirlooms produce is like nothing I've ever seen or handled before, absolutely beautiful to the touch, goodness knows what the thread count was never mind the cost!

The Client was really pleased with the job, and we felt honoured as well as delighted with another great team effort! We've added some of the shots I styled into our Styling Gallery on our website.

Annie Sloan Showroom / Fabrics / Workshops

As well as the launch of our Annie Sloan Workshop program we're also currently turning our rear stock room into an Annie Sloan showroom.

This means you'll be able to come and see all of the products we stock,  and we'll also able to do demo's for you (time permitting). 

So we'll be able to show you difference between brushes, how to mix colours, and some of the exciting techniques we teach on our Annie Sloan Workshops.

And finally we're delighted to announce we're also now Annie Sloan 'Fabric Collection' Stockists, we've got a fabulous range of Cushions and Table Linens all made in the world famous Chalk Paint™ colours.


So that's us for another month! Let's hope this weather continues and that England win the World which is the most unlikely of those two!!!!!

Love as always and thanks for reading,

Clare xx





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