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I've been itching to tell you about another exciting month at No64! Glenn Had 2 full days training with Annie Sloan herself, I worked on a styling project for an incredible Milford business, and our online sales have gone crazy but.....

Good-bye Meggie-Moo

First I'm afraid I have some very sad news. No apologies for the personal nature of this item but our Blog is about all things No64, and that includes our pets, who many of you regular visitors will know, some of you even come just to visit them!

Meg, Bailey's mummy, went peacefully to sleep for the last time on Thursday. She's not often in the shop, Bailey is, and so don't worry, he's fine!

Everyone loved Meg. As mentioned some of you, I won't mention names but you know who you are, even brought your children who loved to go through to the house and give Meg a cuddle while you shopped. Well she's in doggie heaven now, I'm sure getting more cuddles than even she can cope with!

This is Meggie-Moo, at her beautiful best, how we'll always remember her....

Meg the Labrador sadly left us on May 31st 2018, she was the most amazing dog ever will always be in our thoughts.

Annie Sloan visit / Workshop launch

So as you may or may not be aware we've been doing our Annie Sloan Workshop training and, finally, we're delighted to announce that we're now fully accredited to deliver her famous Workshops here at No64 HQ!

The final part of our training was to spend 2 full days with Annie herself, we couldn't both go and so Glenn went and he absolutely loved every minute of it, he came back inspired!

No64 Glenn with Annie Sloan on our workshop training course at Annie's Oxford HQ.Here he is with Annie, and when he got back from his course, skipping, this is what he said:

“I was already onboard the good ship Annie but now I completely get it, she's an absolute inspiration, a fantastic person, and I love the fact that we, her stockists, are how she promotes the Annie Sloan brand.

She could sell through John Lewis, or on Amazon, but she doesn't and never will, she is completely reliant upon her worldwide, independent stockist network, just like us, which is why she personally selects them. Another reason why she is so wonderful as far as I'm concerned, as she chose us”.

If you would like to read more about our Annie Sloan experience click here to view an article we've recently published, or click here to register with our Annie Sloan Club and we'll keep you updated with all things AS, including Workshops dates/times, prizes, product launches and much more....


Roccbox by Gozney Styling Project

I was having a very busy day in the shop a few months ago and one particular customer, placing items to buy on the counter, caught my eye. All very different products, quite an eclectic mixture too, and suddenly my 'stylist radar' kicked in and without thinking I asked the lady if these items were being used for a photographic shoot.

Thankfully I was right and I'd just met Laura Gozney, a lady I'd heard a lot about, Milford resident and founder (along with husband Tom) of the amazing Roccbox portable wood & gas stone oven, now sold worldwide! 

The Roccbox wood & gas pizza oven by Gozney, photographic shoot, May 2018.Laura and I started chatting and stayed in touch, to my delight she recently asked me to style a Roccbox shoot, and of course I happily accepted. 

I was given a fantastic brief, I really enjoyed working with their amazing team, the weather (kind of) behaved itself, and I'm really looking forward to working with them on the next shoot, if they'll have me :)

This is one of the shots I worked on, featuring the amazing Roccbox Oven, of course. This is the green model, it also comes in grey, and it really is incredibly versatile, and you can pretty much take it anywhere as it runs on either wood or gas. If you'd like to find out about the Roccbox simply click here and you'll be whisked directly to their website!

Watch out for next month's Blog too as I have a funny feeling it's going to feature a Roccbox at our home!


So June is already under way (apologies for me publishing our May Blog slightly late, promise it won't happen again!), the great weather seems to be sticking with us, and we hope you all have a fabulous month!

Thanks for reading, as ever,

All my love,

Clare xx

No64 Biscuit House owner and photographic stylist, Clare Southcombe-Holmes.






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