No64 February '1st Anniversary' Blog

No64 Biscuit House turned 1 (year old)! So as most, if not all of you, will know by now February 24th saw us turn 1 year old, where on earth did that 12 months go!?

No64 Biscuit House in Milford on Sea on the morning of our 1st birthday, our 12 month anniversary.We celebrated with lots of you who came along on the day to wish us happy birthday, as well as the odd unsuspecting customer who had no idea too!

Thank you so much for your support, we were once again humbled by how many of you came, or sent your best wishes & love via the various electronic & social media channels we're awash with these days, amazing!

We gave away 100 goody-bags on the day, which we hoped you loved, especially the 'Limited Edition' :) postcards we had printed. These 5 special images were styled by me and taken by my favourite photographer, they were taken at No64 and of course were of stock we were selling, and so some of you may recognise a few items.

To us they were special images of our very first year and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do

What we didn't expect was the gifts you brought us! We had cakes, small gifts, cards galore and even a candle hand made for us!

Thank you all again, it was a special day for us anyway but to have had so many of you come along was just amazing.


Now to an apology! 

Many of the Milford on Sea shops & businesses don't open for the first 2 weeks in January and so I'm afraid we followed suit, we did post about it and have signs up but just in case you popped along during that time, we apologise for your wasted journey.

As it's just the 2 of us here at No64 HQ it was either that or not get a holiday at all for another year, we decided we'd worked hard enough and so went to Thailand, via a supplier in Amsterdam (a shop supplier I hastily add!!), to recharge our batteries for 11 gloriously relaxing days.

As mentioned we did visit PTMD before going away, our amazing new supplier in Amsterdam, to place our order in readiness for our grand re-opening on Jan 22nd and WOW - what a showroom!

We are SO excited about the new ranges we've now got from them, as are you judging by the rate at which it's going.

We never know what's going to sell well until we try and I think you'll love PTMD.

If you've not seen our new stock from them you really must CLICK HERE now to browse, or better still come and visit us in person.

No64 - Online Shop re-vamp

Moving nicely on to websites, specifically our online shop, Glenn's shed blood, sweat and tears improving it and he re-launched it earlier this month. It's now much easier to navigate, there are more defined categories and sub-categories, and so it's all a lot more user-friendly - we hope you'll agree? Here's the new Home page....

New online shop screenshot of the home page with new categories making it easier to navigate


And below are a couple of screenshots showing the new categories and then sub-categories.

Taking candles, for example, when we launched we had a small range but now we have a very substantial range and the 'Candles, Lanterns & Diffusers' section just became huge, 20 pages long in fact. It wasn't very user-friendly anymore.


New online shop screenshot of the candles, diffusers & lanterns page with new sub-categories making it easier to navigate


As you can see you can now choose which category or product you're looking for specifically, namely (all of these you can click on here by the way, if you would like to go and take a look now): Candles & Candle Brands, Candle Holders & Lanterns, Diffusers, Tea Light Holders & Votives, and Candlesticks & Trays


New online shop screenshot of the candle types & candle brands with new sub-categories making it easier to navigate


Then you can either choose the type of candle you want, scented, unscented or outdoor, and for those of you who have a favourite brand we've then added our main candle brands, namely Ester & Erik, PTMD, Lene Bjerre and Victorian (by ON Interior) so you can go stright to them too.

Someone said our online shop was a little tricky to navigate, we listened!

No64 Biscuit House in 2018

Well we don't intend to stand still. We've secured another Danish supplier, we're in the middle of placing our first order now (once good old Mr VAT man has savaged our bank account!) and I promise you some of the products you will love. 

There are funky furniture pieces and unique homewares some of which you have to touch and feel for yourself. That I say as one particular item I saw a picture of and straight away discounted it, when I saw it in the flesh I instantly changed my mind.....intrigued? It'll be on the shelves soon!


As many of you know this shop was my dream, and our priority is to enjoy every day of it and we have. We've made so many new friends, and we've been so well received by the village, it's been incredible.

We're going to try to make sure that every time you visit there's something new for you to see, something unique for your homes. All we ask is that you carry on supporting us as you did in our first year.

Lots of New Year love,

Clare xx


No64 Biscuit House founder, co-owner & professional photographic stylist Clare Southcombe-Holmes,


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