At No64 Biscuit House we pride ourselves on our meticulous supplier and brand sourcing process, often deliberating for many months, and making multiple visits to a supplier HQ, before a product reaches our shelves.

And we're very excited to announce that we've gone......Dutch!

PTMD Collection in stock and in store

We're fresh back from visiting PTMD Collection HQ in Amsterdam where we placed our biggest single order to date. It's all now available to browse & buy within the PTMD Collection section on our website, and it's on the shelves in-store as of yesterday, and we can't wait for your feedback!

PTMD Collection available to buy online now!


Unique lighting and homeware products by Dutch homeware brand PTMD Collection.

Furniture & Lighting

To browse and buy from our exclusive PTMD Collection Furniture & Lighting range click below


Handmade furniture, pots and artificial flowers by Dutch homeware brand PTMD Collection.

Artificial Flowers, Plants & Plants

To browse and buy from our exclusive PTMD Collection Artificial Flowers & Plants range click below


Unique candlesticks, lanterns and branded candles by Dutch homeware brand PTMD Collection.

Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns

To browse and buy from our exclusive PTMD Collection Candlesticks & Lanterns range click below

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PTMD Collection 'Designed with passion - Built by artists'

We're a predominantly Scandinavian interiors and homewares shop – – based in the New Forest coastal village of Milford on Sea, but we're always on the look out for that unique brand or product range not available in the UK.

PTMD have a special and carefully cultivated partnership with their creative artists and their professional producers, and we knew we just had to stock their product ranges.

We're therefore super-proud to announce that No64 have been selected to become one of PTMD's network of passionate worldwide retailers, and one of the first in the UK.

Their collection consists of lighting, pots, glassware, candles, furniture, textiles, artificial flowers & tress, and we hope you'll love this unique brand.


Handmade candle lanterns and pots crafted from metals & mouth-blown glass by Dutch homeware brand PTMD Collection.

Pots, Vases & Votives

To browse and buy from our exclusive PTMD Collection Pots, Vases & Votives range click below


Beautifully designed kitchen and dining products by Dutch homeware brand PTMD Collection.

Kitchenware & Dining

To browse and buy from our exclusive PTMD Collection Kitchenware & Dining range click below


Handmade and hand carved products for every room in your home by Dutch homeware brand PTMD Collection.

Homewares & Storage

To browse and buy from our exclusive PTMD Collection Homewares & Storage range click below

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PTMD Collection - merging beautiful design with luxury and quality

Our research into Dutch homewares and interior brands lead us to HEMA, by far the biggest and best respected department store chain in The Netherlands, and also the first.

HEMA, actually an abbreviation for Hollandsche Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam, were founded by Leo Meyer and Arthur Isaac and they opened their first department store in 1926 in Amsterdam. We love their philosophy of wanting to open a 'department store for ordinary people' as at this time these stores were very much aimed at wealthy people.

Today HEMA have 700 stores in 7 countries, with 10,000 employees serving over six million visitors every week. They are still the largest franchise operator in the Netherlands and they remain loyal to their history, perfectly expressed in their brand essence: “our products are always high quality, well designed and sold at a great price”.


Beautifully designed and crafted chopping boards made from wood & marble by Dutch homeware brand PTMD Collection.


PTMD Collection welcomes No64 as UK Stockists

We have huge ambition at No64 Biscuit House. We may not be looking to become the UK's largest department store chain, and we only opened our doors in February 2017, but we do share HEMA's ethos for providing uniquely designed and high quality, affordable products to our customers, and giving them the ability to shop with us 24/7 via our online shop.

We also love the HEMA branding, a triangle that symbolises the ideal balance between good quality, good design and great prices. They're a true Dutch role model and one we at No64 would love to emulate, although we'll start with the New Forest as our physical client base first!


We promised you new suppliers, new stock, new & unique pieces, New Forest & UK exclusivity (where possible) and hopefully, you'll agree, we've delivered!

But guess what, we've got another new supplier announcement to come very shortly and so watch out for that as I'm certain you'll love them too :)

Glenn & I hope you all have a wonderfully prosperous 2018 and we look forward to seeing you, and receiving your wonderful feedback, as often as you're able to give us your time.

New Year regards,

Clare xx

Clare Southcombe-Holmes, stylist and co-founder of No64 Biscuit House.

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