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How can I even begin to thank everybody for your support on Nov 2nd, our first ever 'Christmas stock' launch evening?? What an absolutely amazing night!

It was such a fun evening, so much so that no-one noticed Prosecco had become Cava, very good Cava I might add!

We reckon we had over 200 people through here between 6 & 8.30pm, there were points when people couldn't physically get in, and people came the following day saying they've come as it was too busy the night before!!

It only started out as a word of mouth idea, then we did some invites and social media plugging, and then our wonderful PR lady got us this lovely double page spread / reader offer in the New Forest edition of Hampshire Living magazine.....


Carols on the Green

We've since had many requests to do another one (evening) and so rather than a stand-alone late night opening we thought we'd do one which also supported the village too, namely Dec 8th, the Carol's on the Green night. 

Many of you will have received our email invite for the 8th to come and Fika with us! If you haven't you're not on our mailing list, if you'd like to be just click here and let us know. 

So to 'Fika’ is an old Swedish word that basically means to ‘meet up, have a coffee and a chit-chat’, and the Scandinavians love nothing more than to meet up for a Fika, and so do we!

A Fika can take anything from 10 minutes to several hours, depending on how good at Fika-ing you are, and so join us on the 8th and let's Fika!

Video tour of No64

I've also found out I can embed (technical word for me!!) video into these blogs and so here's Glenn's Xmas video tour, for those of you who haven't seen it, or don't use Facebook, or would like to have a look at some of our wonderful Christmas stock....



Christmas Fair at Beaulieu

We attended the fabulous Countryside Education Trust Christmas Fair as a stall holder, as requested by Lord & Lady Montagu (that's what it says on our invite anyway!), in The Domus at Beaulieu Abbey and what a magical evening / day that was. A great charity and a wonderfully organised and attended event, can't wait until next year. One of my best customers being Lord Montagu's Cousin! Get us! 

Styling your home & tree for Christmas

I can't believe it's December tomorrow, time to get that tree up and think about your decorations and style.

I'm happy to help with styling ideas for your homes, trees of even Christmas dinner table.....just drop in and we'll Fika! :)

We've got some beautiful, and unique, decorations in with more due early next week and so do drop in for a look. It's our first Christmas at No64, I'm so excited but also nervous that I've got it just right. The feedback I've had on my window display has been overwhelming, I tried to make it Scandi, simple and beautiful.

I had od course had to tweat the display when a customer came and bought our stock of large paper Stars. Being a stylist by trade, I'm not used to customers actually buying what I style!


That's it from me for November, see you in December and.........a slightly early Merry Christmas!


Clare xx






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