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With Christmas fast emerging the desire for beautiful candles, candlesticks, candle lanterns, and votives to decorate the home, and of course the dinner table on the big day, is huge!

Take a look at three of our favourite Scandi candle brands we stock below. You can buy online, or you can pop in and see us in the beautiful New Forest seaside village of Milford on Sea, on the south coast of England.


Victorian of Sweden

On Interiör AB was founded in 1999 and is a Swedish wholesale company that represents a diversity of brands, inlcuding Victorian, their candle & diffuser brand.

Click here or below to browse and buy Victorian candles & diffusers at No64.


Ester & Erik of Denmark

Ester & Erik is a family-founded company with a long tradition for superb craftsmanship and beautiful handmade candles designed with dedication and care.

Click here or below to browse and buy Ester & Erik candles at No64.



Lene Bjerre of Denmark

Our collection of candles from Lene Bjerre include elegant taper candles, pillar candles with a rustic or smooth finish, and lavish decorative candles. 

Click here or below to browse and buy Ester & Erik candles at No64.

Victorian by ON   Ester & Erik   Lene Bjerre


Candles by Lene Bjerre, Ester & Erik & Victorian in stock and in store

In the beauutiful seaside village of Milford on Sea, on the edge of the New Forest Country Park, is where you'll find No64 Biscuit House, and at of course.

We're an interiors and homewares shop showcasing the best products from unique and independent brands from Scandinavia and Europe, and as Christmas approaches, we hope you'll agree, our candle range is worth making the journey for!

Owing to the quality of the often luxurious packaging and elegant presentation of many of the brands we stock, Candles & Diffusers also make fabulous Christmas gifts. So here is a selection our our best selling candles for the festive season:

The Holiday Collection by 'Victorian' of Sweden

Within this beautifully presented Holiday Collection box set are 4 individually packaged candles which represent the 4 Sundays in the Christmas month of December, named: Cinnamon, Pomegranate, Winter Wonderland and of course Christmas Morning itself. It's simply gorgeous.

The Garden Torch by Ester & Erik of Denmark

The gift for 'him', yep a man candle, or Mandle as one of our customers quite brilliantly suggested recently! Here's a quick video before I tell you more about it....



The Garden Torch by Ester & Erik is simply stunning. It stands 40cm tall and can be adjusted to all kinds of surfaces, with a spike for the garden or a special stand for the table, it really is the ultimate outdoor candle!

As a Garden Torch owner you can take it anywhere.

It comes beautifully boxed and with it's own carry-bag, no need to keep it all to yourself!

The pure wax candle itself is a removable refill section. We sell the Garden Torch with 2 refills and you can buy more when you need them. 

You even get a really cool 'wick tool', which you can see here hanging on the top left hand side, for when it's time to put your torch away for the night, brilliant.

It's beautifully designed & made, it's an eye-catching talking point, and it's definitely one of our 'must have' man gifts this Christmas!

If you like to read more about the Ester & Erik click here for an article I've published specifically about them, and the range we stock at No64.


The Christmas selection by Victorian of Sweden

This range showcases the scents of Gingerbread and Winter Cinnamon through beautifully presented candles, divine diffusers, and a cute little 'canlde in a tin'....


Gingerbread & Cinnamon Tins

Really cute little 'Victorian' Winter Cinnamon & Gingerbread Candles presented in a delightful branded tin. 

Great stocking fillers this Christmas, and don't forget they come in 2 different scents.


Gingerbread & Cinnamon Diffusers

Luxury diffusers, stylishly designed & elegantly packaged, with the sweet scent of Gingerbread or Winter Cinnamon. 

A stunning Christmas gift.


Gingerbread Candlestick

A Gingerbread scented candle beautifully designed and packaged in Glass with cylindrical case, topped with a decorative bow. 

Our best selling Christmas candle.



Holiday Selection

The aforementioned Christmas candle box set, 4 individually bxoed candles representing the 4 Sundays of December.

Simply divine and an absolutely must-have Christmas gift.

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Scandinavian design & craftsmanship from Ester & Erik, Lene Bjerre and Victorian

In Scandinavia they say the lit candle is a gathering point that creates atmosphere, it makes any occasion a special one. Owing to the country's dark winter months, traditions run deep in Denmark when it comes to the craft of high quality candle making, a tradition we love to showcase on our shelves, and our online shop, at No64 Biscuit House.

Furthermore the Danes will enthusiastically tell you that candlelight is absolutely essential in every home, to create a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Candles add to the atmosphere, and are a wonderful centrepiece on the dinner table too. They are beautiful as part of a decoration, on candlesticks, in lanterns, or simply standing on their own. Our collection of candles include beautifully scented or unscented candles, outdoor candles, carved candles, lavishly decorative candles, and candles that tell their very own story. We try to ensure that all of our candles are made from the best ingredients, which ensures candles of the highest quality.

Well that's about if from me on candles. I hope you'll agree there are some stunning gift ideas here.

Have a wonderful candle-cozy Scandi Christmas from No64 and thanks for reading.

Clare xx





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