News from August 2017

24 August 2017

Scandinavian Homeware Online

If it's a balanced lifestyle you're after just ask the Swedes, they don't long for or chase after it, they just do it. They call it 'Lagom' meaning “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right”. Infamously the Danes and the Norwegians call it Hygge.....
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23 August 2017

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colours

Now a global phenomenon Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, so-called because of its velvety, ultra matt finish, is sold worldwide. It can be applied to almost any surface with no priming, no sanding, no preparation needed.
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18 August 2017

Madam Stoltz Cushions UK

As you'll see the Madam Stoltz cushion range is full of originality and authenticity, the new Autumn/Winter collection is simply stunning, full of strong rich colours, texture and plush velvets.
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16 August 2017

Scandinavian Kitchenware Stockists UK

As Autumn/Winter arrives and the days get shorter we turn our attention to our homes, and one of the most lived in and loved rooms is our Kitchen, where meals and memories are made.
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15 August 2017

How to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I believe one of the reasons Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® has become such a global phenomenon is due to its ease of use, as well as Annie being such a wonderful person and ambassador of course!
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9 August 2017

Annie Sloan Stockists Hampshire

No64 Biscuit House are delighted to have been granted stockist & workshop status and, as such, hold the full range of Annie Sloan paints & accessories for our customers to browse and buy at our store in Milford on Sea, or via our online shop.
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8 August 2017

Madam Stoltz UK Stockists

It took us a whole year to source our wonderful suppliers, opening our first No64 Biscuit House shop consumed our lives, in the happiest of ways. We researched meticulously, visited other UK Stockists, and toured fairs around Europe and beyond.
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