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Letting you know what we're up to

This area of our website is to keep you informed on what we're doing within The Biscuit House and at No64, which includes styling projects, the latest products to be added to our ranges, and a bit about what's going on in our lovely village, Milford-on-Sea. 


No64 November Blog

How can I begin to thank everybody for your support on Nov 2nd, our Christmas display special launch evening?? What an amazing, and exhausting night!

November 2017

Interior Design Shops Online

My name is Clare Southcombe-Holmes and I've always been obsessed with interiors, my dream being to open a shop. I've been a stylist for more than 30 years but in February of this year I realised my dream and No64 Biscuit House became a reality.

November 2017

Scandinavian Candles UK

With Christmas fast emerging the desire for beautiful candles, candlesticks, candle lanterns, and votives to decorate the home, and of course the dinner table on the big day, is huge!

November 2017

No64 October Blog

So this month has been about planning our first ever No64 Christmas, woop woop! As those of you will (hopefully) know we're having a launch night, we've been posting about it for weeks now and the RSVP invites have been sent out.

October 2017


Our recent visit to Europe's largest homewares and interiors trade show in Paris, Maison&Objet, was a nothing short of a mission, a mission to find a brand new homewares supplier.

October 2017

Scandinavian Homeware Shop UK

Having started work for my father's photographic company straight from school, where I worked there for more than 30 years and became Head of Styling, I think it's fair to say that styling has been my life!

October 2017

Danish Homewares UK

I've been a stylist all my life and I've used this experience to stock my Scandinavian homeware & interiors shop, No64 Biscuit House, with what I hope you'll agree are some of the finest examples of Danish homewares available in the UK today....

October 2017

Ester & Erik Candles UK

In Denmark, the lit candle is a gathering point that will create atmosphere and make any occasion a special one. Owing to the country’s dark winter months, traditions run deep when it comes to the craft of high-quality candle-making.

October 2017

No64 September Blog

A bit of a busy Blog this month and so bear with :) Speaking of which do you enjoy reading them, I only write them for you and so do let me know if you like them?

October 2017

Scandinavian Home Accessories

Whether it be in your living room, porch, as a table or window dressing, Candle Lanterns just bring a new level of coziness. They're eye-catching, they're elegant, and for me they're a must have!

September 2017

No64 August Blog

We're 6 months old! So do we stop telling people we're new now? We really have had such a great time and of course it's all down to you :)

September 2017

Scandinavian Homeware Online

If it's a balanced lifestyle you're after just ask the Swedes, they don't long for or chase after it, they just do it. They call it 'Lagom' meaning “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right”. Infamously the Danes and the Norwegians call it Hygge.....

August 2017

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colours

Now a global phenomenon Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, so-called because of its velvety, ultra matt finish, is sold worldwide. It can be applied to almost any surface with no priming, no sanding, no preparation needed.

August 2017

Madam Stoltz Cushions UK

As you'll see the Madam Stoltz cushion range is full of originality and authenticity, the new Autumn/Winter collection is simply stunning, full of strong rich colours, texture and plush velvets.

August 2017

Scandinavian Kitchenware Stockists UK

As Autumn/Winter arrives and the days get shorter we turn our attention to our homes, and one of the most lived in and loved rooms is our Kitchen, where meals and memories are made.

August 2017

How to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I believe one of the reasons Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® has become such a global phenomenon is due to its ease of use, as well as Annie being such a wonderful person and ambassador of course!

August 2017

Annie Sloan Stockists Hampshire

No64 Biscuit House are delighted to have been granted stockist & workshop status and, as such, hold the full range of Annie Sloan paints & accessories for our customers to browse and buy at our store in Milford on Sea, or via our online shop.

August 2017

Madam Stoltz UK Stockists

It took us a whole year to source our wonderful suppliers, opening our first No64 Biscuit House shop consumed our lives, in the happiest of ways. We researched meticulously, visited other UK Stockists, and toured fairs around Europe and beyond.

August 2017

Lene Bjerre Candles UK

The best and easiest way to create a feeling of warmth and coziness in your home is with candlelight. Candles are beautiful as decorations, on candlesticks, in lanterns and votives, or standing on their own.

July 2017

No64 - July Blog

Well what a month July has been at No64 HQ! I've been styling for Christmas in London for Lakeland, we've taken on 2 new suppliers, we did our first pop-up, and we've had our first Christmas shoot here for 2 mainstream interiors magazines!

July 2017

Lene Bjerre Stockists UK

In choosing our suppliers for No64 Biscuit House I was meticulous. It took me a year of researching, going to fayres around Europe, speaking to Lene Bjerre themselves, and visiting UK stockists to chat to them about their experiences with the brand.

June 2017

No64 - June Blog

No64 - 3rd Place, 'Best Interiors Store' in Hampshire, Coast 'Shop of the Month', Your Home 'Hidden Gem', and Hampshire Living 'Living the Danish dream'.......we really are living the dream!

June 2017

Photographic Styling Shoot - Lisa's Larder

I was delighted to be asked recently by Lisa Morgan, proprietor of Lisa’s Larder in Keyhaven to style & photograph a selection of meat hampers that were soon to be featured by national magazine and web-based food publication, Delicious.

June 2017

No64 - May Blog

As the sunshine warms up the south coast, the beach along the road from No64 has become busy and its’ clear that holiday time of year has begun in earnest in our village of Milford on Sea.

June 2017

Q&A with our very own Clare Southcombe-Holmes

Last week we ran a daily Facebook Q&A with Clare, for those of you who didn't see it here it is in its entirity. Questions were about her life and what keeps her inspired in the home interiors sector market.....

May 2017

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