The Residents - Our amazing pets: Bailey, Ester & Erik


Bailey is as well known in the village as No64 Biscuit House!

He's been with us since he was born on New Year's Eve 2008 and came from a litter of 13, Meg's litter, who sadly we lost to old age in May 2018.

Glenn's had black Labradors since he was 11 years old when his dad had Bella, he'll tell you himself he couldn't do without one now and he certainly knows how to train them.

Bailey's known and loved by pretty much everyone in Milford on Sea - we actually have kids come into the shop asking to see him! So cute.


Ester & Erik

Ester & Erik joined the No64 Biscuit House family in 2018.

As cute little kittens they were named after our favourite Danish candle brand, Ester & Erik (funnily enough!), and so they really are part of the No64 brand!

Just like Bailey they have their own set of fans in the village who like to come and visit them, they love a bit of fuss.

Don't hesitate to ask to meet them when you're in the shop, Bailey in particular loves to come and greet people and he's amazing with kids!

Bailey, Ester & Erik - part of the No64 Biscuit House family.

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