History of No64

Our designer boutique, No64, in the beautiful New Forest, seaside village of Milford-on-Sea has a fascinating story. The village itself began life in the 10th century as a Saxon settlement and our oldest building is All Saints church which is 12th/13th century in date.

Our research goes back to 1677

As you can see from our wonderful historic photograph of No.64 The High Street (image courtesy of 'Big Bloke in Milford'), now our retail outlet, was always as prominent as it is today within the village.

We've managed to research our plot back to 1677 when it was leased for 1,000 years for a 'peppercorn rent'!



An auction at the Angel Hotel in Lymington

The land had numerous owners throughout the 1700's and 1800's until Saturday 8th November 1884 when, at an auction at the Angel Hotel in Lymington, at 3pm, it was sold as a long leasehold business premises.

The plot was then developed into a 'dwelling house with front shop' comprising: Sitting Room, 4 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Scullary, Outbuildings, 4-walled stable, coach house for 4 vehicles, shed, walled-in productive garden and a Slaughter House!

There were actually two slaughterhouses in the High Street!

Amazingly there were actually two slaughterhouses in the High Street, with one slaughter-man, Dick Dunford, responsible for their 'animal disposal'. Many of the village's working families also kept pigs in their gardens, Dick would also carry out his duties for them too. In more recent times, the early to mid-1900's, the slaughter house & cart shed were converted into a wet fish shop, with the other side of 62-64 being a butchers shop.

1964 - 2012 Gwen's Boutique

In 1964 Gwen & Eddie opened Gwen's Boutique, which traded until December 2012. Clare and Glenn then acquired the premises in February 2016 and embarked upon a 9 month refurbishment project resulting in what you see today.....No64 Biscuit House, and our home!

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