About Clare & Glenn

The story started many years ago as childhood sweethearts and after life took us in very different directions it brought us back again to the place we love, Milford-on-Sea. As active participants in the local community we've bought No64 and are starting the exciting new chapter in our lives.

We must be crazy

It's a huge project though! Complete refurb of a double fronted, two-story, commercial/residential building, with 2 extensions and even a garden re-design......we must be crazy!

But we're fulfilling a lifetime dream

I say we, it's Clare really who has always wanted a shop, hope she knows what she's getting us into! Seriously, we've been talking about it for years now and whilst it was a devastating occurrence in Clare's life that accelerated our plans we're going to fulfill our dream very soon now and a certain person, now looking down on Clare, would be incredibly proud.

The beginning of a fantastic journey

So here we go, a beautiful boutique in a quaint village, surrounded by friends & enthusiastic neighbours, and fabulous home & business dressing/design services for all to benefit from......and so it begins.


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